I saw this at a kindergarten the other day. It’s not mathematically correct or ‘in the box’ if you want, but it is still the truth. You see, not everything is logically correct. So if you and me get together, we can create a synergy that is bigger than anything.

We often look at the at performance of people, results, and what is coming out of the effort we put in. Kids learn this from an early age, that they need to perform. What a shame! Kids are created to be kids, play, have fun and to step by step learn how to grow up. So the question is not what IQ a person has, but how much he knows his inner self.

The kindergarten that I visited understood this. They meet every child where they are and walk with them. Some are talented in music and some in sport, some in math and some in language. If they focus on what a child is good at and develop this, they have a winner. But too many times we look at the problem, not at the strength.

1 +1 = 3

It is better to be stronger together, build each other up, and to set each other up for success. This means that you have to know how to work with people. How well do you work with them, and how vulnerable are you in your relationships?

A while back I was traveling a lot over some few weeks, from Romania to Norway, Norway to England and back to Norway. I was culturally messed up, and I had meet a lot of people the previous month that I normally would not meet, great people that add significance to my life. Some of them were like the director of the kindergarten. He just told me about one of his passions: healthy kids. By doing this, he gave me some of that passion, some of that inspiration and some of his time.

We all can do that, can’t we? Pass on our vision, passion and love.. to hang around those people and bring it all together. 1 + 1 =3

All the best (in math),

Rune Sæther

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