25 years since the Revolution- a change in values

We are getting closer and closer to Christmas and this year it is 25 years since the revolution in Romania started. 25 years ago the dictator Ceaucescu and his wife were killed after a short and controversial court decision, giving room for his friends and colleagues to move into position, just now with a different logo and political name.

Some weeks ago, Romania celebrated the election of a new president: a man with no history with the communist party, a man bringing long-awaited strong values. I am looking forward to seeing the next 25 years in Romania.

I am writing this blog on my way to a meeting in Budapest, a gathering with leaders from the region to plan the road map for the years ahead.

I look forward to this as I have felt the need for a change. Not all changes are good, but change should lead to new things; life, passion and more growth.

This is my desire for this region and I truly hope that that is what the years ahead are going to bring us, but I am also afraid that changes can be corrupted. Like in 1989 when Romania was boiling for a change, and the man in the shade of the dictator took the power, and some would say stole the revolution.

This makes me ask; what are we leading out from, position or values?

If we lead from position then whoever comes to the position can run the nation, organization, church or business that he is entitled to. A good person can make good decisions, but he can also make decisions that don’t benefit his people, going in favor of himself or even his name and reputation.

The new president won the election in Romania because a new generation, together with some older ones that remember the excitement in December 1989, were all on facebook and twitter, communicating the same thing- “we need a man of values”. And they got him.

When a leader lead out of values, and the values are clear and communicated, then he make changes happen for the good of the people.

In our movement (or organization if you like) we have 18 values, that we all agree upon, and if we lead out of them, we are normally doing well as a body. We have a strong emphasis on team, but when leadership team become advisory board and sounding board then they are not a team anymore, just a group of people with a position. A leadership team means a team of leaders, often with a greater among equals, and this is a team that covers all areas needed at the given time.

Changes can bring people in to excitement or passivity, a good change brings a long excitement and a corrupted change brings a long passivity. Let’s be leaders that bring excitement in the midst of our life of changes.

When changes happens they should lead to life, growth and new passion. This is my prayer for the nation and this is my prayer for my organization in this area, that we will be men and women that lead out of values.

Til next time, value your values.

Rune Sæther

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