At the airport

I am fascinated sitting at the airport in Bucharest. It is early morning and I just sat down to my modest breakfast. People are rushing to and from the gates, coming and going from destinations unknown. Different languages are being spoken, some I know, others are so foreign to be beyond my grasp.
An airport is a hub, a short term location for most of us. We come and we go. Some airports are the final destination, others are just for transfer.
Today I am heading for four different airports and I feel like a European mailman, but eventually I will arrive in Norway.

Where are they going?

I am sitting here wondering about all these people, “Where are they going?”.
Do you have a clear picture of your destination? A dream or a vision that you long to see come true?

Don’t ask what the dream can do for you but what you can do for others.

The best dreams come from this – “Don’t ask what the dream can do for you but what you can do for others.”

Time for me to head to my gate, dream big…

Rune Saether

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