I am only one phone call away,

To see and be seen!

I love working from my office overlooking my garden. I can see the little suburb where I live and see people walking on the street.

I look out the window and many times wonder where people are coming from and where are they headed. Well, writing this blog is one of the things I enjoy doing, because it make me reflect on the daily lessons I learn.

One of the things that has stood out to me lately is summarized in only one word, its strange one I never thought about or put a whole deal of reflection into, but at the same time I think it came natural. And as I am reflecting upon this word I think it is a key word in any leadership. The word is ‘availability’!

To be available is to have the ability to prioritize people!

To be available is to have the ability to prioritize people! I meet leaders that are frustrated that people are not following them, and often it is a simple thing missing; are you seen as available?

Can people walk into your office? Can people call you without feeling that they do something wrong, or even better, do people have your phone number? Do you run according to a tight schedule and let everyone know that?

The feeling that leaders are not available always has the same result. It create distance, lack of dialogue and a top-down leadership. You can be as big of a team player you want, but at the end of the day this remains: are you seen as a person that is available?

I am only one phone call away,

That was a good statement made from a man I respect highly, and moreover he someone that has a lot of people following him. Why? Because he makes himself available.

I love leaders that make themselves available, that dare to say “call me 24/7”, “drop by my office any time”, the openness it creates, the humility that is shown and the natural leadership that comes with it.

You can not build an organization, or church, if you are not available. People need to be seen and you need to be seen too. To see and be seen has a double effect. People need to see you as their leader and you need to see them as people.

Are we available? Do we go that extra mile when we don’t feel like it? Do we stop traveling to things that don’t seem fun or important and instead get under the skin of the ones that are depending upon our leadership.

Be available and you’ll be a leader!

Rune Sæther

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