Insecure leaders

This months guest writer on is Cathrine N. Fuglestad, Principle at Intro Academy. She has contributed with an amazing article, first published in the Norwegian newspaper Korsets Seier. Thank you Cathrine for your clear thoughts and your contribution. This article is worth taking to heart.  Rune S. 


Insecure leaders produce fruit, but rarely good fruit.

I feel incredibly privileged to have the opportunity to work with young people on a daily basis. I get to be a part of their everyday life and get to see a world of dreams, longings, confusion, hope, ups and downs.

And despite the challenges the young generation is facing, I want to say that they are characterised by being talented, faithful and committed.

A big part of my job is to facilitate faith growth and Bible knowledge, but also goal oriented and focused leadership training. These young people are going out to first and foremost lead themselves, but also to lead others through family, volunteering and work. And maybe these very young ones will be leading the biggest churches we have seen in this nation?
Sometimes I wonder how they will manage in the given church scene.

I have been a part of this for a long time and have seen many disappearing, that otherwise would have been key leaders today.
They have not necessarily left their faith, but they are not where they should be, if you consider what would have been a natural growth in ministry and responsibility.

So, why are they gone?

There are many answers to this question, but I want to bring a perspective which I think is very relevant, and that is – insecure leaders.


just as secure as life itself is, it is likewise with insecurity. No matter what level you lead from, you will at some point be confronted with insecurity. And it is possible for these “moments” to happen quite frequently. I believe the greatest challenge comes when this insecurity is rooted in low self-esteem and it shakes off the experience of value and sufficiency. This will absolutely influence the way you lead.
Senior pastor Brian Houston from Hillsong Church says:

«Insecure leaders try to lead by control. Confident leaders inspire & release»


Insecure leaders will struggle to let others lead. They can function great in delegating tasks and get people to work, but they don’t give mandate or possibility for others to lead on a higher level. What if they did it better than yourself? What if they preach better? Achieve more? And in the worst case, become more popular than you?

Insecure leaders also have trouble lifting others up, but are themselves dependent on feedback.
In the best case they can appear as avoiding and absent, in the worst case manipulative and putting others down.

And its clear that after years under a leadership like this, people will loose their courage, maybe even not understanding why.

I’ve heard this being preached: “your time will come, when the time is right”.
Then I want to add; “if you have a secure leader!”.

Because reality is that insecure and controlling leaders can lead to stagnation and set backs for God´s Kingdom.

I have unfortunately seen this happen, both close up and from a distance.

“The goal is not to become leaders who are completely free of insecurity”.


Insecurity can also become a friend

In the Psalms we read about how David in his role as a King sought God for wisdom, for strength and for guidance for the road ahead.
His insecurity drew him closer to God and his counsel.
And maybe Paul’s words to Timothy came as a reply to an insecurity Timothy had shown: “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.
Insecurity that is given words to can create an opportunity for others to speak faith, hope and truth into the situation.
Insecurity can lead to a recognition that this is not something I do on my own, and that it is not about me but about God’s Kingdom. There is power in recognition.


The goal is not to become leaders that are free of insecurity, because they don’t exist. But the goal is to become secure enough to have the courage to release the next generation with the desire for them to become better and reach further than yourself.

We are the ones with the greatest mission and also the greatest privilege. Our security is ultimately in ,. Our unshakable Rock.


Principal Intro Academy, Norway


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