Life is lived to the fullest, when you know your purpose! 

It’s amazing how life is sometimes. One moment I am blown away by great people doing great deeds, and in the next I am horrified by the brutality of others.

Life is lived to the fullest, when you know your purpose! 

I have the privilege to work with people that are doing a tremendous job in making a difference in the society of Constanta- people who are working with children who are overlooked by most of society; people who bring hope and a future to others and who see radical life changing experiences every day.  I am privileged!

In this season of my life I have done some reflection on the last years of my leadership, after being the main leader for many years here in Constanta. My purpose has been to release young people into doing what they are called to do. Nothing more, nothing less.

I am a big believer in releasing and opening doors for people, creating room for synergy and multiplication. The growth that has taken place in the team in Constanta over the last years has shown me that there is more to come- there are more good deeds that need to be revealed; working with marginalized people, creating jobs, working with homeless, an education center and a hundred more things.

What is needed, in Christian terms, we often call apostolic vision. Let´s call them entrepreneurs, pioneers, people that dare to do new things, initiative takers, risk takers.

Are you one of them? We have room for you!

There is room because we as leaders make room for it.  There is room because we value new initiatives and there is room because we understand the entrepreneur, pioneer or the apostolic.

I love listening to people that have an idea or want too do something radical in life. I love asking questions and even more seeing it happen.  I am often very impressed by the people that make up the YWAM Constanta community- by their passion, their sacrifices and their amazing insight.

We work in circles, yes you can call them teams, but circles roll better in my mind. How this is functioning is depending a lot on the people in the team, and often it can be smart to make an inventory of who is on your team and see the different personalities and giftings you have represented there.

The Entrepreneur – making a way, initiative, “go instinct”
The People person – taking care of people, asking how people are doing
The Diagnostic – there is an elephant in the room person, whistleblower, and the one that says when things are not in place
The Researcher – the person that can teach you anything, a heart of wisdom
The Salesperson – have you met the person that can sell sand in the Sahara? This is the one…

I believe every team needs these 5 personalities to function well.  If you end up with only the People Person, oh man you will have amazing relationships, but not do much and not move forward. If you only have the Entrepreneur you will have a lot of vision but not care that much about the people.  You need them all.

If you are missing one of these people, what do you do to attract them? Make room. Dare to look for people who are totally opposite to your self. Look for someone that may come across to you as negative. Yes those negative people could very often be your biggest resource. Dare to look at them with and see their unrealized potential and ask yourself, “What do I need to change so that I can release this person and make him a positive figure in the organization?”

Leadership has many aspects. My responsibility in leadership is to make sure that it’s not about me, but making room for my people. My personality needs to be complemented by others and together we can make a great community.

Until next time…Let´s roll!

Rune Sæther

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