Ready to lead?

Ready to lead

I have often wondered if I am ready to lead. When we took over the leadership here in Constanta, I became one of the youngest base leaders in our region and certainly the one with the shortest path into leadership.

I can look back and think, evaluate and ponder what would I have done differently. I think I would have done quite a bit differently, but I can only look back and learn from my past.

Today, years later, after going through times of re-pioneering, times of introspection, and times of growth, I came to the conclusion that I will never be ready to lead. There will always be new things to discover, always a new vision that has not been realized or done in this way before.

Leadership is often to promote others, look at their vision and embrace it and to know your people and your context – your city and your region. Not so much what you dream about or what you want but more your people. Real leadership draws this out and empowers people in pursuit of their vision.

When I was new in town I was also very insecure and consequently my leadership style became more “me” than “us”, and more “my” vision than “ours”. But when you learn and evaluate yourself, then you know that you need a team and you know that there is no room for superstars, but only for hard workers that make stars together…

My advice is to get people around you, that can tell if you are full of your self, or are you listening to others and embracing their ideas. Remember to listen 80 % and talk 20 % – I am still learning ; ) This require leaders that are secure in themselves and their calling.

If we come to the point where we feel ready to lead, we probably just come to a comfortable place and we are not leaders on the cutting edge.

Till next time, just lead!

Rune Sæther

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