The imperfect time…

I do discover new and surprising sides with myself, some pleasant and some not so pleasant.

I am a person that finds it hard to sit down and do nothing, I love it and know I should do it more, but something in me tells me; spend your time wisely, time is money, dont be lazy.

I have my “to do”- list’s. I guess you have them too, either in your mind, on paper or on your phone. I have realized my “TO DO” lists never ends, and sometimes they just grow longer. And I believe these “never-ending” lists robs and steals something very important from us.

We do no longer have time to wait for something. We get information instantly, food, coffee, latest news. It`s like a “instant-coffee” society. Today we appreciate efficiency, success, information. We have access to more information than ever in history- I wonder if it makes us wiser? We are available and connected 24/7, wish to be seen and “liked”, have the perfect body, house…yes, the list goes on.

But I think we all are sick and tired of this. We want to hear, escpecially from ourselves; “it´s good enough”.

Living perfectly is impossible. So let`s just live our life redeemed. Brian Houston

We need to take back what is stolen; time, the moment of now and the imperfect. We need to let ourself waste some time, sit and do nothing. I often tell my boys when they come and say: “I am bored, there is nothing to do, there is no one to play with”. “Great”, I answer, “go and be bored for a while!” To be bored is a great opportunity to listen to yourself and has a great potential for creativity.

I realize that when I spend time doing nothing it is not wasted time, because I connect with my self on a deeper level, and I actually have time to do the things on my “to do” list, because some of the things on the list are not that important any more.

So when I take the time to sit down, quiet myself, I see how much I need it and like it. And I think when we neglect that, we strangle some of who we are.

Take back the time- the moment- the now! It is actually all we have.

So, I am gonna disconnect, “sign out”, go out and dance in the leaves!!!

Irene Sæther

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