What would I do if I had all the resources I could dream of?

What would I do if I had all the resources I could dream of?

That is a good question! Some people would do whatever they could to sit on the beach and enjoy life. Others would travel the world, but for me I think I would like to build something meaningful- a business or an organization. Traveling the world does seem like something I would love to do, but I cannot stand sitting still too long. I get bored easily. I need action, life and most of all something to develop, build and get going.

I don’t rest doing nothing. I go crazy and so does my wife. Although she prefers the approach of having nothing to do on holiday, she will go crazy because of me…

We all rest in different ways. We all gain energy in different ways. Some love people and others are more energized by being alone. As far as I can tell from living on the coast of the Black Sea, a lot of people enjoy hanging out there. I am more in the mode of “let’s go for a fast swim and then we can leave the beach as fast as possible.”

In our family my wife wants to take her food, blankets, books and toys when she- always she- proposes going to the beach. While I am thinking- “Lets just go for a fast swim. Who needs food, books and blankets? Are we staying long?”

As in any marriage and family there is give and take, compromises and dying to our selves so that the life of the family becomes better. So I have to adjust, making room for my dear wife’s wishes as well as my children’s. I bring along a book and an extra measure of patience.

Leaders who have wives (or husbands) and children know how important it is to make room for different expressions and different ways of recharging and understand what compromise means. In leadership it’s never about “my way or no way”. It’s always about our way- what is best for those we lead, and then myself. How can I give value to those who like to recharge and have other preferences than myself?

Leadership is always about adjusting to the given situation, people or circumstances. The leader’s values stay the same, but our approach needs to be different according to the need. I just overheard one leader saying, “This is what my founder, or boss wanted it to look like. ” I am asking the question, “Where is your founder and your boss?” It was obvious to me that the person had to be far away and had no knowledge of the place. I looked at this leader and said, “But what does your circumstance and situation need?” If you cannot adjust to where people are at, there is no point in trying to please someone thousand of kilometers away.

Back to my family- I can say I don’t like to hang out at the beach doing nothing, but if my family loves it, are refreshed by it and I believe they will appreciate it, I adjust. I make it a priority and I lead my family to the beach because I know that the fruit of doing so will lead to happy kids, and even more importantly, a happy wife.

Families are good tools for leadership development and I am blessed with mine. I am thankful that it is the tool that shapes me, even when I have to sit still on the beach.

Until next time…

Rune Saether

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